What is EDC?

Every Day Counts (EDC) is the FHWA’s initiative to advance a culture of innovation in the transportation community in partnership with public and private stakeholders. Every two years, FHWA works with state departments of transportation, local governments, tribes, private industry, and other stakeholders to identify a new set of innovative technologies and practices that merit widespread deployment through EDC.

The “Every Day Counts” program, or EDC, introduces transportation planners, engineers, and designers to innovative ways of solving problems. Whether you’re struggling with a small county bridge, working to reduce pedestrian fatalities, or trying to tackle a major interstate highway interchange, the EDC program can help you come up with innovative and time-saving solutions. Communities across the nation are discovering how simple changes through the Every Day Counts program can save lives and improve safety.

(Funding may be available as an incentive for eligible entities to accelerate the implementation and adoption of innovation in highway transportation. Call TxLTAP at 817.272.9617 for additional information.)

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EDC Round 4 (2017-2018) Innovations

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Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs)

Collaborative Hydraulics: Advancing to the Next Generation of Engineering (CHANGE)

Community Connections

Data Driven Safety Analysis (DDSA)

e-Construction and Partnering: A Vision for the Future

Integrating NEPA and Permitting

Pavement Preservation (When, Where, and How)

Road Weather Management – Weather-Savvy Roads

Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP)

Ultra-High Performance Concrete Connections for PBES

Using Data to Improve Traffic Incident Management

EDC Previous Innovation Projects

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EDC-1 Innovations (2011-2012)

EDC-2 Innovations (2013-2014)

EDC-3 Innovations (2015-2016)

EDC News

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EDC Events

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Upcoming Webinars

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Upcoming Event
Unpaved Road Dust and Stabilization Solutions
August 23, 2017
12:30 pm to 2:00 pm EST
Conference Call-in Number: 866-434-5269
Participant Access Passcode: 1171779
Webinar URL link: https://connectdot.connectsolutions.com/innovationexc/

Topics and Presenters:
"Unpaved Road Dust Control and Stabilization Treatment Selection Guide", David Jones, University of California Davis
"Wood Boiler Ash for Stabilizing Low Volume Roads", Mark Russell, US Army Corps of Engineers (formerly US Forest Service)

No registration is required. This webinar is open to all agencies including Tribes, FLMAs, and Local Agencies. We will record it and post it on-line.